Enneagram Dimensions

A dharma-based approach for linking
the nine personality types,
nine stages of transformation
& Ken Wilber's Integral Operating System

362 pages, $25.00

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About the book:

The Integral Enneagram focuses on the relationship between the personality enneagram, Gurdjieff's process enneagram, and Ken Wilber's Integral Operating System. It presents a truly integration-oriented approach for exploring transformation, both in terms of transcendent and embodied spirituality.

Key topics include:

  • an introduction to the enneagram and IOS
  • how the the personality and process enneagrams can be combined to create a unified, integral enneagram model
  • how this integral enneagram mode—informed by Wilber’s IOS—can help us to look at transformation from a “transcend-and-include” perspective
  • how an understanding of the enneagram can help those in the Integral community see how our transformational path is shaped by our enneagram type
  • how placing both systems within the context of a dharma-oriented approach allows us to see transformation from a more service-oriented perspective

This book took three times as long as my previous two books to complete. The material is complex, but (I think) fascinating. The process of thinking through the ideas and finding ways to communicate them took me on quite an inner journey. So the discussion on integration is not just theoretical, but personal. Each time I encountered opposing concepts that did not seem to mesh, I had to find some way to integrate them. Sometimes it took months, because I was so passionate about meshing the masculine approach of precisely discussing some pretty detailed theoretical material with the feminine approach of personalizing that material, so that it would really come to life. I hope the final result achieves that goal, opening new doors for inner exploration.

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