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The Tarot & the Enneagram

When I started working with the enneagram 20 years ago, I also started working with the tarot. Early on, I noticed correspondences between the nine enneagram types and the first nine cards in the major arcana of Pamela Colman Smith's whimsical 1909 tarot deck.

In 2014, I published a three-part article exploring these correspondences in the Enneagram Monthly. I'm excited to say that this article evolved into a book and major arcana tarot deck that will allow you to work with the tarot using insights from the enneagram:

The Fool's Excellent Adventure: a Hero's Journey through the Enneagram and Tarot (2017).

Fool's Excellent Adventure image

The Tarot of the Enneagram: a Major Arcana Deck (2018). See below for details.

Tarot of the Enneagram image

The Tarot of the Enneagram Tarot Deck

This is a major arcana deck of 28 cards (27 plus The Fool). It's designed to provide a tool for inner work that uses the nine archetypes of the enneagram combined with a Jungian model of transformation, where we experience wholeness by reconciling the opposites within our nature.

The three rows below depict each archetype (Row 1), its shadow (Row 2), and the reconciliation (Row 3). The nine columns depict nine paths in life that weave together the images of the tarot with the insights of the enneagram.

Tarot of the Enneagram 3 x 9 matrix

Because I'm primarily a writer, I published the book first and then created the deck,which is not usually the way it's done. In the book, I even remark that I don't know whether a deck will be forthcoming in the future. No one was more surprised than I to find myself--only a week after publishing the book--filled with an avid desire to develop a deck.

Click here to read about the nine paths in life. It is the second half of a slide presentation that I gave at the 2018 NW Tarot Symposium in Portland, Oregon in March.

The deck is now in its final stages of development and will be available for purchase in the near future on this site via Paypal. Check back soon for details.

The Enneagram, the Tarot & the Western Mysteries

Writing the book and developing the deck turned out to be part of a larger vision that developed as I was composing the book. My research indicated that the enneagram is directly linked to both the tarot (through their shared number symbolism)and the qabalistic Tree of Life (through their geometry). If so, this lays the groundwork for bringing the enneagram into the Tradition variously known as the Western Metaphysical Tradition, Western Esoteric Tradition, or Western Mystery Tradition.

Two sections of the book focus on the relationship of the enneagram to this Western Tradition:

  • Chapter 16 describes the quantum nature of both the enneagram and tarot (as systems possessing true zeroes) and how such quantum systems can help the scientific culture of the West to psychologically and spiritually digest the emerging quantum paradigm that is overturning all our Newtonian ideas about the nature of life. It especially focuses on the mysterious figure of The Fool and how he is a symbol of the mysterious, paradoxical nature of life.

  • Appendix E has two parts. Part A offers a brief introduction to the Hermetic qabala and evidence that the enneagram and qabala can be directly linked through sacred geometry. Part B explores the tarot in relationship to this Tradition, especially as reinterpreted by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (which essentially changed the numeric values of the major arcana tarot cards). I included the latter discussion because my approach of linking the enneagram with the tarot rests upon the idea that the numbers actually printed on the tarot cards are symbolically linked to the images on the cards (as opposed to the values assigned by the Golden Dawn).

I include these two chapters from the book here for anyone who may find this material of interest.

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