Enneagram Dimensions


The 27 enneagram subtypes are a topic close to my heart. Since I first began studying the enneagram, I've been fascinated by the potential of the enneagram subtypes to reveal the life roles, themes, and archetypes that shape our lives. The links below explore my approach to the subtypes; my new book, Archetypes of the Enneagram, provides much more information.

  • Introducing the Subtypes
    (a brief intro to the subtypes and subtype arenas)

  • On the Nature of the Enneagram Subtypes
    (a comprehensive introduction to the types and subtypes from a depathologized perspective)

  • Subtype Arenas Test
    (the subtype arena test from The Positive Enneagram)

  • Subtype Film & TV Themes
    (a list of films/TV shows by type and subtype)

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