Enneagram Dimensions
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I become interested in the enneagram as an outgrowth of my exploration of individual differences. It's amazing to me how each human being is so entirely unique and at the same time exists in relationship to a larger whole, whether we think of that whole as the human community or as life itself.

My background: After graduating from college, I wasn't sure what to do with myself, so I tried a variety of jobs from all walks of life: housekeeping, factory work, tree planting, dishwashing, fry cooking, retailing, candle making, bookkeeping--well, you name it. It wasn't always the kind of work I enjoyed, but the experience did give me a broader perspective on life. During the late 1970s, I worked for several years with Cascadian Regional Library, in Eugene, Oregon, a networking group in the Pacific Northwest. We put on rural conferences with mostly all-volunteer labor on unusual and innovative topics (e.g., alternative energy sources, alternative education, natural foods, intentional communities, innovative shelter).

Later I acquired several graduate degrees from the University of Washington, the most advanced of which is a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology. Soon after graduating, I was drawn into a meditation practice that sparked my interest in the deeper mysteries of life, of which the enneagram is one. The combination of my early work, academic background, and meditative perspective serves as the basis for my enneagram work.

My main enneagrammatic focus at this point is writing and thinking about the enneagram. I'm the staff writer for the Enneagram Monthly, and my greatest interest is in promoting a way of working with the enneagram that is positive, non-dualistic, and broad in scope (please see my article, "Let's De-pathologize the Enneagram", for details).

I'm available for consultation on enneagram-related matters, especially for ideas on how to work with the system looking mainly at the strengths, gifts, and potentials of each enneagram type.


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