Enneagram Dimensions

A New Approach
to the Nine Personality Types

by Susan Rhodes
232 pages, $19.95

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About the Book:
I developed The Positive Enneagram because it's the kind of book I wanted to read when I first encountered the enneagram: a book that focused on the nine types as nine sources of positive energy and inspiration. Like most enneagram authors, I provide detailed descriptions of the types, subtypes, wing types, energy centers, and connecting points; I also include several free tests for determining your type and subtype. But I also take a radically innovative approach when exploring each topic. For example, I demonstrate a way to link the personality and process enneagrams (which makes it possible to justify seeing each enneagram types as a source of transformation, not fixation). I use this idea of "type-as-transformation-point" as a central metaphor for discussing other enneagram topics. In the final chapter, I look at how a transformationally-oriented enneagram helps us be more integrated, creative, and aware in the moment.


"The enneagram of personality has fascinated me as a way of understanding problematical aspects of one’s personality. But I suspected there were a lot of positive uses for it in developing psychologically and spiritually that have been overlooked.  Somebody needed to point them out in a useful way: Susan Rhodes has done that in this book, and we are indebted to her for this service.  Fascinating reading!”
-- Charles T. Tart, Ph.D., author of Transpersonal Psychologies & The End of Materialism

"A great read for novices and experts alike--the first really innovative book on the enneagram in years."
-- Jack Labanauskas, editor of The Enneagram Monthly

"Very impressive. Insightful, engaging, and instructive."
-- Prof. Ronald A. Howard, Decisions and Ethics Center, Stanford University

"Susan Rhodes defines the core of a much-needed unified field theory of the Enneagram through integrating Gurdjieff's Enneagram of Process with Ichazo's Enneagram of Personality."
-- Judith Searle, author of The Literary Enneagram

"An inspiring description of the enneagram and its value for society. Logically presented and easy to follow, it's an exceptional resource for the business enneagram community."
-- Bill Dyke, business trainer & consultant

"Clear, cogent, and concise. Susan Rhodes looks at the enneagram through a positive psychology lens and opens up new territory."
-- Jerome Wagner, Ph.D., author of The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles

"The title of Susan Rhodes' book on the enneagram neatly sums up her thesis: that the enneagram is best viewed as a positive system of personal transformation, and that this view is something new to the enneagram field. The author brings new direction and insights to the study and use of this compelling means of inner development. In so doing, she points out the limitations of describing human personality as negative and fixated and develops instead a model emphasizing its positive and dynamic aspects. Thus, "process" trumps "stuckness." This is a pioneering work, useful to both experienced enneagrammers and to those new to the field. My advice is to read it, learn it, and live it."
--Thomas G. Isham, author of Dimensions of the Enneagram: Triad, Tradition, Transformation

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