Enneagram Dimensions

Here are some of my favorite resources for exploring the enneagram.

  • Enneagram Monthly
    This is the website for the Enneagram Monthly , a magazine established in 1995 to serve as a clearinghouse for information and articles on the enneagram. It provides bound copies of each year's issues and an index for articles from March 1995 - current year. Since 2006, I've been the staff writer for the EM, and I see it as an important forum for the exchange of ideas and development of new ways of working with the enneagram.

  • IEA website
    The IEA is the International Enneagram Association. They are a great enneagram resource and also sponsor an international enneagram conference each summer.

  • Enneagram Worldwide
    This is the website for the Tri-fold School of Enneagram Studies established by Helen Palmer and David Daniels. Helen is an extraordinary spiritual teacher and David is a gifted psychiatrist who uses the enneagram to explore relationships among people.

  • Enneagram Explorations
    This is Katherine Chernick and David Fauvre's enneagram site. Katherine and David's innovative ideas make their products and workshops a real delight.

  • 9 Types
    Nine Types is a clearinghouse for information on the enneagram, with links to many enneagram resources.

  • Enneagram Institute
    This is the site founded by Russ Hudson and Don Riso. It provides a lot of general enneagram info, including the most widely-used online enneagram test. I particularly enjoy the discussions on the bulletin board.

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