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What are the subtypes?

Just as we have nine enneagram types, we have 27 enneagram subtypes--three for each type. The 27 subtype profiles are created by seeing how the nine types operating in three arenas of life: the self-preservation (SP) arena, the sexual (SX) arena, and the social (SOC) arena.

  • The personal ("self-preservation") arena focuses on the self, self-identity, self-reliance, individuality, personal responsibility & values, home, shelter, survival, family, food, diet, and health.

  • The sexual arena focuses on intimacy, sexuality, creativity, originality, mystery & mysticism, dreams, visions, myths, darkness, the underworld, sin & redemption, intense encounters, strangeness, the deep, shadow work, drama, spiritual awakening, suffering, and ecstasy.

  • The social arena focuses on social interaction, relatedness, group efforts, group dynamics, the social web, organizations, laws, courts, politics, society, culture, mass movements, intergration, oneness, humanitarian projects, activism, prestige, and duty.

While all nine types operate in all three arenas, one of these arenas is more natural (more dominant) than the other two. That's the one which is our subtype.

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