Enneagram Dimensions
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A hero's journey through the enneagram & tarot

by Susan Rhodes
334 pages, $24.95

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A quarter of a century ago, Joseph Campbell re-inspired a nation with the hero's journey on the popular PBS show, The Power of Myth. A few years later, German author Hajo Banzhaf published Tarot and the Journey of the Hero. This inspiring and beautifully illustrated book offers a Jungian approach to tarot work. The author uses the 22 major arcana cards of the tarot to present us with two opposing kinds of experiences in life, light and dark. By reconciling the opposites within us, we gradaully transform ourselves from fools into heroes.

The Fool's Excellent Adventure begins where Banzhaf left off: developing a 28-card model that generates nine paths aligned with the nine enneagram types (9 x 3 plus The Fool).

Both the enneagram and tarot offer powerful tools for inner work. The enneagram helps us discover who we are and what motivates our actions and the tarot invites us to imagine new possibilities and to follow them as far as our imagination will allow. Together, they give us an approach to inner work that is fresh, playful, and thought-provoking.

POSTSCRIPT: As I was writing the book, I became increasingly intrigued by the possibility of producing an actual deck based on its ideas. Although it seemed like an impossible dream at the time, three months after the book was published, the 28-card major arcana deck, the Tarot of the Enneagram, is becoming a reality. Check back via the "Tarot" link on the left-hand column for updates.

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